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Emerson College - MA

Institution Name
Emerson College - MA

120 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116-1596

Liaison Officer
Ms. Tricia Kennedy
Senior Benefits Specialist

School URL

In addition to freshmen, will make award offers to transfers and/or to students currently enrolled but not on TE (sophomores, juniors and seniors) for 2024-2025
Tuition amount: Set Rate
Program: Undergraduate
Initial offers will be announced by April 15, 2024.

Deadline for the receipt of initial TE certification/applications:
In January 2024

The percentage of the new admitted TE candidates offered a TE scholarship for the current academic year:
Below 10%

Additional Information

The scholarship amount for AY 24-25 will be the set rate of $42,000.

Emerson is the oldest college of communication in the country and one of a handful of schools dedicated exclusively to communication and the arts.

Emerson College is a diverse and multifaceted institution that enrolls 3,100 full-time undergraduates and 900 full and part-time graduate students from 48 states and several dozen countries. It offers bachelor's degree programs in 18 disciplines and master's degree programs in 10 fields.

Two existing Emerson facilities are well known in Greater Boston. WERS-FM is one of the most popular radio stations in the region and is consistently voted the top college radio station in the country. The newly-restored Cutler Majestic Theatre hosts productions by local and national performing arts groups as well as Emerson students.

Emerson also operates academic facilities in Los Angeles and in the Netherlands.

Emerson's 25,000 alumni are active in communication, journalism, advertising, public relations, broadcasting, film, entertainment and other fields.

PLEASE NOTE: Tuition Exchange (TE) scholarships are awarded for bachelor's degrees. Graduate level coursework is not included in the Tuition Exchange program.

Tuition Exchange Imports FAQ:

1. My child is interested in Emerson College, and in applying for a Tuition Exchange scholarship. What is the first step?

Tuition Exchange scholarship applications are managed by your employer/institution. Please check with your own TE Liaison Officer (TELO) for deadlines and application processes.

Qualified applicants must be first time incoming first-year freshmen, transfer students or currently enrolled students as defined by Emerson College. Graduate students, non-degree seeking students, visiting students, and students seeking a second undergraduate degree are not eligible for Emerson TE scholarships.

2. Is there a deadline to apply for Tuition Exchange at Emerson College?

YES. The TE application must be submitted to Emerson College (via the Tuition Exchange website application process) by Feb. 1 for the following fall semester.

3. What is the selection criteria for awarding a TE scholarship at Emerson College?

Due to the limited number of awards available (typically 4 available for incoming freshmen), TE scholarships at Emerson College are highly competitive; less than 10% of newly admitted TE candidates are offered a TE scholarship at Emerson. In order of relevance, awards will be determined based on the following criteria.

- Receipt of a completed TE application by February 1; and

- Competitiveness of academic record and overall application.

4. When will Emerson notify me of their TE decision?

Emerson will notify the student in writing via email/letter that their application has been accepted, waitlisted, or rejected by April 15 or as soon as administratively possible. (Note that due to the law requiring schools to allow prospective students until May 1 to finalize their decision regarding acceptance of scholarships, some notifications may come after May 1).

By May 1, scholarship recipients should notify Emerson in writing of their acceptance (or rejection) of the TE Scholarship.

Applicants who are not selected as TE recipients will be placed on a waiting list based on selection criteria. In the event that awarded scholarships are not utilized, the unused scholarships may be awarded to applicants on the waiting list.

5. How may semesters does the TE scholarship cover?

TE scholarships are renewable for up to 8 semesters, with the length of award time dependent on the recipient's class standing at entrance. Transfer students and students with advanced credits may be eligible for a TE scholarship for the length of time it takes to graduate which may be fewer than 8 semesters. To remain eligible for renewed scholarships awards, recipients must maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale, and must have a parent who maintains TE employment eligibility. Please note that TE scholarships do not apply to undergraduate Global Programs.

7. Do I need to apply every year for the scholarship?

NO. There is an annual recertification process to verify eligibility (handled by the parent's home school), but the award is covered through graduation, or a maximum number of semesters (see question 5 above). Parents should stay in contact with their own TELO regarding the annual recertification process.

8. What happens if the student takes a medical leave or other leave of absence.

If a student takes a medical leave, their TE scholarship will remain available for the subsequent semester. If not reinstated during that year, they will have the opportunity to reapply for the scholarship when they re-enroll.

If a TE recipient takes a leave of absence, withdraws from school, studies abroad at a non-Emerson approved program, or graduates, the student must notify the TE Liaison Officers at both Emerson College and the host institution immediately.

No matter what you’re interested in studying, there’s a school on the list for you.
– Bill Brown, Syracuse University
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