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Tuition Exchange

University of Southern California - CA

Institution Name
University of Southern California - CA

3720 S. Flower Street, Second Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90089

Liaison Officer
Ms. Suzanne LeAnce
Tuition Exchange Liaison

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In addition to freshmen, will make award offers to transfers and/or to students currently enrolled but not on TE (sophomores, juniors and seniors) for 2023-2024
Tuition amount: Other Tuition
Program: Undergraduate
Study Abroad
Pell and other grants
State grant/scholarship
Initial offers will be announced by April 15, 2023.
Other date (post date on Overview box)

Deadline for the receipt of initial TE certification/applications:
In January 2023

The percentage of the new admitted TE candidates offered a TE scholarship for the current academic year:
Below 10%

Additional Information
The University of Southern California (USC) is one of the world's leading private research universities. An anchor institution in Los Angeles and a global center for arts, technology and international business, USC's diverse curricular offerings provide extensive opportunities for interdisciplinary study and collaboration with leading researchers in highly advanced learning environments.

In a comprehensive 2021 ranking, The Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education ranked USC 19th among more than 1,000 public and private universities. Among all California institutions - public and private - only USC, Caltech and Stanford University ranked within the top 20. Of the 150 universities surveyed in the western U.S., USC ranks No. 3. Among the top 25 schools, USC ranked No. 2 in engagement and No. 5 in environment, a measure of diversity and inclusion.

USC received a record number of applications for its 2021 Fall freshman class - 71,031 applied, with an acceptance rate of 12.5 percent. 23 percent of the class of 2025 are first-generation college students. With one of the most abundant financial aid pools in the country, USC provides more than $337 million in scholarships and aid.

USC's distinguished faculty of 4,000 innovative scholars, researchers, teachers and mentors includes five Nobel laureates, and dozens of recipients of prestigious national honors including the MacArthur "Genius" Award, Guggenheim Award, the National Medal of the Arts, the National Humanities Medal, the National Medal of Science, the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, and Pulitzer Prize.

Keck Medicine of USC is the University of Southern California's medical and health enterprise - one of only two university-based medical systems in the Los Angeles area. Encompassing research and clinical excellence, the medical system attracts internationally renowned experts who are faculty at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, the region's first medical school. These same physicians practice at a network of more than 45 hospitals, clinics and affiliate hospitals in Southern California and provide care for more than 1 million patient visits annually.

Each year, USC generates more than $8 billion in economic activity in California and is the largest private employer in Los Angeles. In 2017 it opened USC Village, a $700 million project that combines a state-of-the-art student living and learning environment and community-serving retail. The largest development project in South Los Angeles history, USC Village has created thousands of jobs and will generate billions of dollars of economic activity in the local economy.

Learn more about the University of Southern California, its proud heritage since its founding in 1880: its economic impact in Los Angeles and the region: the 48,500 students who embody its academic mission: the $764 million research engine advancing global knowledge: and the more than 375,000 alumni in The Trojan Family worldwide - visit us at https://www.usc.edu/.

PLEASE NOTE: Tuition Exchange (TE) scholarships are awarded for bachelor's degrees. The value of the award is 80% of the undergraduate tuition rate. Applicants must apply by the admission application deadline. Students awarded Tuition Exchange must maintain academic integrity, and a 3.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA). Graduate level coursework is not included in the Tuition Exchange program.

In addition, although the percentage of TE awards offered reflects 11 to 40% in the TE system, it is important to note that the offer percentage is closer to 11 - 15%.

Tuition Exchange Imports FAQ

1. My child is interested in USC. What is the first step?

Tuition Exchanges (TE) are initiated by your employer/institution. Please check with your own TE Liaison (TELO) for deadlines and application processes.

2. Is there a deadline to apply for tuition exchange at USC?

YES. The TE certification from your home school and the admission application to USC are due by the admission application deadlines (January 15 for freshmen students and January 31 for transfer students).

3. Many families ask the question, "will my freshman Import be offered a TE scholarship at USC?"

USC is unable to provide any further specific details for the upcoming TE award year; however, you are encouraged to review the following link: https://about.usc.edu/facts/ for information regarding details of the 2021-2022 freshman class. The most important action your student needs to do now, is apply and be admitted to USC. For the 2021-22 academic year, 11-15% of TE Imports admitted to USC will attend USC with a TE award.

4. When will USC notify me of their TE decision?

Admission decisions are made before tuition exchange decisions are announced. All freshmen are notified after they are accepted for admission to USC, generally by April 1. TE decisions are typically announced prior to May 1 for freshmen. Transfer applicants to USC will be mailed either an admission decision or a request for their spring-term grades by May 31. TE decisions for transfer students are announced on a rolling basis after May 31.

5. How many semesters does the TE scholarship cover?

TE awards are based on class levels with an 8 semester maximum for entering freshmen. Sophomores would be awarded 6 semesters, juniors would be awarded 4 semesters and seniors would be awarded 2 semesters to complete degrees. In the case of students graduating early, no additional TE funding is available. Also, If you transfer college credit hours/units to USC from previously attended colleges, your maximum number of semesters might be recalculated and possibly reduced. This recalculation will be done after school starts and you will be notified accordingly.

6. Can I attend summer school at USC and use my TE award?

Certainly, you are welcome to attend summer school at USC, however TE scholarships are not available for summer terms.

7. Is there any other paperwork required of me?

NO. The only document required is the Certification of Eligibility submitted by your school's TE Liaison (TELO).

8. Can I attend a USC study abroad session in a fall or spring term?

YES. As a USC student, Tuition Exchange is available for USC study abroad programs. The Financial Aid office determines how your TE award is applied. http://financialaid.usc.edu/general/help-contact-us-general.html

9. Are graduate studies offered through Tuition Exchange?

NO. USC, as most schools in the TE program, participates at the undergraduate level only. Progressive degrees are also not covered.

10. Is there a minimum unit required to maintain the scholarship?

YES. TE students must enroll in at least 12 graded undergraduate units per semester.

11. Is there a required grade point average (GPA)?

YES. A 3.0 cumulative GPA is required to renew your Tuition Exchange scholarship annually.

12. Do I need to apply every year for the scholarship?

NO. There is an annual re-certification process to verify eligibility, but the award is covered through graduation or a maximum number of semesters as discussed in Question 5 above, provided the other school re-certifies the student and the USC cumulative 3.0 GPA is met. Parents should stay in contact with their own TE Liaison (TELO) regarding the annual re-certification process.

13. When will USC re-certify my Export TE eligibility annually?

USC will make every effort to re-certify Exports each year annually in November. However, please be aware that USC reviews all Export student records at the conclusion of each semester to confirm the student met the requirements and the parent maintained employment eligibility for the TE scholarship. Should one or both of these not be met, the student will lose the TE scholarship at the conclusion of the semester.

14. What is the GPA requirement for acceptance for tuition exchange?

There is no set GPA requirement. Freshman students are ranked academically to determine awards.

15. What happens if my parent is no longer employed?

The TE scholarship would end at the end of the semester in which they terminate.

16. Who can I talk to about applying to USC?

The USC admission office should be the point of contact. https://admission.usc.edu/. Tuition Exchange is a separate process handled once the admission process is complete.

17. I was offered another full scholarship; can I keep both?

All financial questions should be directed to the USC Financial Aid office. http://financialaid.usc.edu/general/help-contact-us-general.html

18. Why doesn't my TE award appear on my registration statement?

TE scholarships do not credit unless the student is registered/enrolled full-time (12 to 18 units). Once your registration is complete, your TE award will credit.

19. What is the percentage of newly admitted TE candidates offered a TE scholarship at USC for the current academic year?

The percentage is 11%-15%.

20. Does USC require my family to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form?

NO. USC does not require the FAFSA. However, as the name implies, the application is free and may open additional grant, scholarship, work and even student loan opportunities.

This school is not accepting online applications at this time. Please contact the school directly to apply.

No matter what you’re interested in studying, there’s a school on the list for you.
– Bill Brown, Syracuse University
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