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Tuition Exchange

Coker University - SC

Institution Name
Coker University - SC

300 East College Avenue
Hartsville, SC 29550

Liaison Officer
Mrs. Betty Williams
Special Consultant to VP Enr Mangement

School URL

Tuition amount: Full Tuition
Program: Undergraduate
Study Abroad
Pell and other grants
Initial offers will be announced by April 15, 2023.

Deadline for the receipt of initial TE certification/applications:
In April 2023

The percentage of the new admitted TE candidates offered a TE scholarship for the current academic year:

Additional Information
At Coker University, you won't find many desks. You'll find round tables. You won't sit through long lectures. You'll participate in active discussions with your professors and your classmates. You won't raise your hand. You'll speak up, voice your opinion, make yourself heard. We call it the Round Table approach, a seminar style of teaching without preaching. And while we can't promise you won't take notes, you'll learn by being a part of a school that values you and your ideas. No matter what you plan to do after graduation, Coker's Round Table gives you the confidence and skills you need to communicate and compete in the real world. Our academic environment is based on flexibility and individuality, not rigid conformity. You can create your own major, elect two majors, pursue independent study with a chosen professor, or do internships related to your course of study. The personal attention you receive will challenge you to reach new levels of independence and inspire you to learn more. Because Coker is a small school, it's not difficult to get the classes you need for your major. If you come to Coker without a major in mind, don't worry, you're not alone. Take some classes. Find out what really interests you. You don't have to declare a major until the first semester of your junior year. From freshman through senior year, you'll find the support and guidance you need to develop your strengths and to achieve personal and career goals.

No matter what you’re interested in studying, there’s a school on the list for you.
– Bill Brown, Syracuse University
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